We want to thank everyone who came to our event at Zennebar this saturday 🙏

I personnaly couldn’t be there because I was at my sister-in-law’s wedding, but I received very positive feedback from the DJs who played there, from friends who went to the event, and from the people who work there 🥰

So we’ll go back to Zennebar for another one on the 14th of september 🔥

We also want to extend a sincere apology to every person who was misguided by the erroneous adress of the facebook event 😔 ; it came from a facebook bug, when we modify the text of the event it sometimes also changes the location’s adress, without changing its name. We noticed it after the event had started, and couldn’t change it anymore. We’ll pay extra attention to this in the future 👀

Our next event will take place at Excelsior Stam Cool Café Jette on the 3rd of august 🥳 it’ll be posted online in a few weeks time.

We wish you a great week 🖤💛❤️

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