Feedback DnBeer #18 @ Zennebar

We want to thank everyone who came to our event at Zennebar this saturday 🙏

I personnaly couldn’t be there because I was at my sister-in-law’s wedding, but I received very positive feedback from the DJs who played there, from friends who went to the event, and from the people who work there 🥰

So we’ll go back to Zennebar for another one on the 14th of september 🔥

We also want to extend a sincere apology to every person who was misguided by the erroneous adress of the facebook event 😔 ; it came from a facebook bug, when we modify the text of the event it sometimes also changes the location’s adress, without changing its name. We noticed it after the event had started, and couldn’t change it anymore. We’ll pay extra attention to this in the future 👀

Our next event will take place at Excelsior Stam Cool Café Jette on the 3rd of august 🥳 it’ll be posted online in a few weeks time.

We wish you a great week 🖤💛❤️

Fiber Hemelvaart Party review

Fiber Party Review 🥳

So Wednesday evening we went to Fiber Hemelvaart SOLD OUT | MADUK, KANINE, CULTURE SHOCK & more. in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Two and a half hours of car to go and to come back, but boy was it worth it 🥰

Firstly, the venue is really good. Both rooms have great soundsystems, good sound engineers who balanced the sound perfectly, nice light show in both rooms, although I preferred the light show in room 2, in room 1 it was a little too bright for my taste. The drink selection was varied, with some local craft beers available 😋 The personnel and security was nice, the public was super cool too, polite when passing through and easily sharing their fun 😄 Toilets were pretty clean. Poppodiums are like Cultural Centres, not for profit, benefiting from financial help from the local government, and I must say I’m impressed by how the Netherlands have succeeded in creating such awesome places for alternative musical events 👏

Leniz opened the main room with a nice set, warmed us up nicely.

Then came Keeno , who combined mixing with playing piano, and presented his brand new EP ; Courage. And it was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C 🤩 Such good flow, transitions, selection, all awesome. And his piano playing on top was really SO GOOD, it added a whole new dimension to the music 👏 Also, at the end, the organizer of the event came on stage to play guitar on one of his songs, and it was also a great combination 😍 Our good friend MC Fava added his usual high quality MCing, being such a good director for the public, helping create connection within the public, energizing us even more 🔥

We then went to room 2 to see him (MC Fava) perform both as DJ and MC to showcase his album that is coming out on SUN AND BASS records in a few days 🥳 His set was awesome, such good vibes, such awesome singing, also good flow, we danced the whole time 💃🕺 We’ve seen him perform as DJ + MC several times now, and we can’t wait for the next one 💘

We stayed a little in room 2 to see Fava MC on Telomic ‘s set, which was nice, but the flow was a little flat and missed some high energy tracks here and there. We hope his set at Liquicity Antwerp tonight will be different 🤞

Thanks to Fava, we were able to congratulate Keeno on his awesome set, and he’s was such a gentleman too 🙏

We caught the end of Culture Shock , which was awesome too, full power 🔥

Then we saw Kanine , great set too, full energy, jump up but not new school, good flow 🌊

The final set by The Caracal Project B2B Buunshin lasted 1h45, was very good at the start but then went into halftime, some 120 sounds, lot of 4×4, not so much our taste, but well mixed 👍

A huge thank you to the organizers for such a nice party 🙏💯👏

We’ll definitely come back 🔥🔥🔥

Weekend party review

This weekend was AWESOME 🥰

Friday we went to STEAM XL w/ ENEI (decadance)🤩

And it was very good 👍

The STEAMteam B2Bs were all very good, good vibe, selection and flow. Big ups to Snap-ah, Solace, Cedex & Higher Underground and Miles. – You all rocked !

One87 totally outdid himself. Heavy, dark and rolling beats 😈Cynical Gene Dnb couldn’t stop saying how it was the best One87 set he’d ever seen 😍

Wingz did a very good set, nice selection, good flow 😄 Some transition difficulties in the beginning, but they were quickly sorted.

BREDREN were at their best level too, their set was high quality, really nice flow, good variety, perfect technique 🙏👏

Enei was pure fire 🔥. His set was very hard, several 4×4 drops, perfect technique too 👍

The sound system was very loud, the bass was spot on ! Sometimes a little cracking, the sound could have been a little cleaner, but still good.

Decadance is a really nice club, the bar crew and security are very nice. Only downside, the smoking area, although very nicely furnished, had Minimal House playing all the time… It would’ve been better if it had been the music from inside that was played 😉

And Saturday was our own party ; Drum & Beer #7 !

Thanks to the public, the artists, the bar crew, the security and the sound engineer, it was a great success ❤️🔥🎉

Thanks to our early communication and to the talent of Café Central‘s sound engineers, the sound was very well set, and even though we had to respect a limit of 95dB, it was enough to enjoy the music !

The bar got pretty crowded around 11.30pm, the atmosphere was really friendly, lots of positive energy and heavy dancing 💃🕺

Aethra played first 🙏 gave us a really nice set, showcasing his recent productions, starting with light liquid/deep tracks, and ending with some nice progressive neurofunk.

Then came my turn to play, and all I’m going to say is that you were on fire 🔥🔥🔥

Bahilo delivered a very strong jump up set, filled to the brim with energy 💪 We weren’t really expecting this much jump up, but he did mix it very well !

He was accompanied by Likwit on scratching duties, and boy did he rock the scratching 💥

On top of his set, he retransmitted our party on his show on Radio Panik ; Saturday Night Panik ! You will soon be able to listen to it again on their website !

Miss Elorak confirmed her reputation, and gave us an awesome Liquid to Neuro set 🤯😍🔥 Flow & selection were 💯👌

SYNS gave us a mostly Deep DnB set, with strong energy and full of rollers. Perfect technique too 👏

Initial closed the night with a nice blend of Neuro, which you were clearly waiting for 👀

And he didn’t deceive 💣💣💣💥💥💥

Seeing how much enthusiasm was shown for neurofunk, both from DJs and from the public, our next edition is going to be dark & heavy 😈😈😈