From Liquid Funk to Neurofunk, the musical journey offered at our events explores various styles of Drum & Bass ; old-school Jump Up, Jungle, Deep, Ambient, Ragga…

Our values are very important to us and guide our work ; Quality, Respect, Tolerance, Sharing, Fun, Transparency and Integrity.

We try our best to work with partners and products that are local, ecologic, organic, that offer fair wages and that are small to medium in size. We strive to share benefits as equally as possible between artists, organizers and collaborators.

Our events are small to medium in size, and are created in order to showcase and promote local talent, mainly in Drum & Bass, but also in graphic arts, in drinks and in food, because we love them and want to share them with you !

Our final goal is to open a new bar-nightclub in Brussels, dedicated to alternative electronic music, to which a radio station, separated from the bar by a glass wall, would be adjoined. The radio station will be animated 24/7, will be streamed on the internet and played in the bar, while events in the nightclub will be broadcasted on the radio.

By G-Saims & MEGO