Fiber Party Review 🥳

So Wednesday evening we went to Fiber Hemelvaart SOLD OUT | MADUK, KANINE, CULTURE SHOCK & more. in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Two and a half hours of car to go and to come back, but boy was it worth it 🥰

Firstly, the venue is really good. Both rooms have great soundsystems, good sound engineers who balanced the sound perfectly, nice light show in both rooms, although I preferred the light show in room 2, in room 1 it was a little too bright for my taste. The drink selection was varied, with some local craft beers available 😋 The personnel and security was nice, the public was super cool too, polite when passing through and easily sharing their fun 😄 Toilets were pretty clean. Poppodiums are like Cultural Centres, not for profit, benefiting from financial help from the local government, and I must say I’m impressed by how the Netherlands have succeeded in creating such awesome places for alternative musical events 👏

Leniz opened the main room with a nice set, warmed us up nicely.

Then came Keeno , who combined mixing with playing piano, and presented his brand new EP ; Courage. And it was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C 🤩 Such good flow, transitions, selection, all awesome. And his piano playing on top was really SO GOOD, it added a whole new dimension to the music 👏 Also, at the end, the organizer of the event came on stage to play guitar on one of his songs, and it was also a great combination 😍 Our good friend MC Fava added his usual high quality MCing, being such a good director for the public, helping create connection within the public, energizing us even more 🔥

We then went to room 2 to see him (MC Fava) perform both as DJ and MC to showcase his album that is coming out on SUN AND BASS records in a few days 🥳 His set was awesome, such good vibes, such awesome singing, also good flow, we danced the whole time 💃🕺 We’ve seen him perform as DJ + MC several times now, and we can’t wait for the next one 💘

We stayed a little in room 2 to see Fava MC on Telomic ‘s set, which was nice, but the flow was a little flat and missed some high energy tracks here and there. We hope his set at Liquicity Antwerp tonight will be different 🤞

Thanks to Fava, we were able to congratulate Keeno on his awesome set, and he’s was such a gentleman too 🙏

We caught the end of Culture Shock , which was awesome too, full power 🔥

Then we saw Kanine , great set too, full energy, jump up but not new school, good flow 🌊

The final set by The Caracal Project B2B Buunshin lasted 1h45, was very good at the start but then went into halftime, some 120 sounds, lot of 4×4, not so much our taste, but well mixed 👍

A huge thank you to the organizers for such a nice party 🙏💯👏

We’ll definitely come back 🔥🔥🔥

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