Hey, where’s the drum and bass at this weekend ?

On Friday you got :

BANKIZZ – Hardcore Edition (19 years Bankizz + 40 years Pingu) in Brussels where there should be some dnb but not that much.

But there’s a jungle night in Antwerp🥰 ; Ruffskool – A Jungle Rave w/ FFF (nl) – DJ TRAX (uk) – Figures (be) , and it’s in Trix , which is an awesome venue, great soundsystem, perfect size and layout. Plus the lineup is 👀

On saturday there’s a little more choice :

In Brussels, again at Jh Alleman , you got Constrict Music : Launch & Release Party, which should be mainly dnb, not sure exactly which flavor, but I don’t think it’ll be new school jump up.

In Charleroi, there’s Broken’bass – Tom Finster Intimate Showcase, I think neuro, maybe varied.

Halfway between Gent and Bruges, there’s Make It Rumble , a free party, deep, maybe a bit liquid, with an awesome lineup – Cynical Gene Dnb ; Lavance ; SVB ; Scepticz ; Expensive KVR👀😍🔥

Finally there’s a new school jump up party in Gent ; BAD HABITZ TALENT NIGHT V ‘WEEKENDER PRE PARTY’

And as monday is holiday, there’s two new school jump up parties on sunday evening !

SUB SKANKERZ & SEL INVITES w/SUBSONIC & MAJISTRATE in Antwerp, and Bleetfoef ‘Tempest’ in Mechelen ; with Buunshin🤯

We’ll probably go to Ruffskool on friday, and we’ll keep the rest of the long weekend to spend time with our kids.

We hope to see you on the dancefloor 💃🕺

Enjoy your weekend 👊

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