ErrA’s passion for electronic music began in his early childhood, at the age of 12, with a special focus on Drum and Bass, Halfstep, Darkcore, Jungle and Ragga Jungle. He started deejaying at parties in his home-town, Cluj-Napoca (Romania) in 2000, then got involved in the underground scene as a promoter, helping events in Cluj develop. As his interest in producing music grew, he kicked off his career in 2008, and has been rocking the patterns ever since!

These last years have been a constant cycle of evolution and discovery in the world of Drum and Bass for him. His involvement in music is all about sharing positive vibes, love, respect, inspiration & creation.

ErrA has played at multiple events in Romania, in Hungary, and from 2007 onward, also in Belgium!

ErrA will be performing a 90 minute roller-coaster set at Drum & Beer #4, going from Deep DnB ’till Darkcore, with sprinkles of many other styles to keep you moving uncontrollably!

Here’s his last set to help you wait until the 16th:

And here are the different pages where you can follow him:

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